Drone Mapping - Newcastle and North East

Providers of drone data capture to generate mapping and 3d imagery. Our 3D drone mapping Newcastle, Northumberland and the North East is used by many industries.  These are construction, heritage, housing development, infrastructure, road networks.  

Mapping by drones North East.  Orthomosiac, photogrammetry specialists.  NADIR images and LIDAR systems can be used to generate maps.  Point clouds, elevation models, volumetric measurements.  With GCPs we can provide survey grade imagery.

Dropzone Images provide professional 3D drone mapping and photogrammetry services for buildings and landscapes, providing essential coverage of locations or events, including, development sites, heritage buildings, natural disasters, hurricanes, accident sites, forestry, sandbanks, tidal, algae, and geological areas of interest.

Our experienced drone operators can capture high-quality footage and mapping of any terrain, providing an aerial land survey to assist architects, builders, or surveyors.  With the use of Ground Control Points (GCPs) these can delivered with survey grade accuracy.


3d mapping by drone. Hire a drone pilot today to map your location. North East drone mapping
Drone mapping maps made easy newcastle

Data Capture

Following initial consultations, plans are drawn up to capture the required data. Missions are created in various apps such as Maps Made Easy and Dronedeploy to enable automated flights to capture the data.

Data Processing

Captured data is processed through Pix4D. Pix4D analyses the quality of the images that have been collected and identifies any issues that may need addressed. Our experienced operators rarely encounter any quality issues and the data is processed successfully.

Delivered outputs

Final outputs to meet our clients requirements are transferred digitally via our own data transfer system. Typical output files include a Digital Surface Model (DSM), Orthomosaic tif, processing report pdf and a Point Cloud (LAS)